Vanessa Walilko Chainmaille Octopus Hood

Someone Made A Chainmaille Octopus Hood Because, She Can

Well, someone has decided to make a wearable Chainmaille Octopus Hood much to our bewilderment. There are a few reasons why we are amused by it. Firstly, it wouldn’t be practical as a protection (chainmaille AKA chainmail is, you know, medieval stuff) and secondly, it looks like it will hinder the wearer in a fight, which is what chainmaille is essentially designed for, because of those tentacles. However, if Davy Jones ever decided that his head should be protected, this would probably be it. He will likely the only beings who will appreciate what Chicago-based artists, jewelry and fashion designer Vanessa Walilko has created.

“Vanessa Walilko is a chainmail jewelry and fashion designer in Chicago, IL. She has made chainmail for stage and screen, including the Tony-award winning Broadway show, Pippin, and Night at the Museum 3. Vanessa has been teaching chainmail since 2007 and loves bringing the joy of making chainmail jewelry to students throughout the US and Canada. “

Vanessa Walilko Chainmaille Octopus HoodThis weird contraption is wearable, as depicted in the image above (though how well a person can see through it is questionable), and it is the result of weaving together over 15,000 aluminum rings. Despite the level of weirdness of the Chainmaille Octopus Hood, we are impressed and I applaud Walilko’s dedication and patience. Man, I just can’t shake off the image of Davy Jones having this over his head. I had even go as far as to imagine how he is going to play his organ with this on. He probably wouldn’t play the organ with this on, though. Maybe? I don’t know.

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Unfortunately, as much as you may have wanted one, the Chainmaille Octopus Hood is not something you can buy even if you have the deepest pockets mortally possible. But in Walilko’s 96-page book, Chain Mail + Color (ISBN-13 978-1627001236, Kalmbach Books), you will be able to learn how make other aluminum jump rings-based products. Perhaps, from there, you can pick up the basics to make your very own chain mail Octopoda?

Vanessa Walilko Chainmaille Octopus Hood

Images: Vanessa Walilko.

via Geekologie.