When you think rugged smartphones, you probably think CAT and while CAT devices are pretty in the rugged sense, you probably didn’t think they will bag the prestigious design accolade like the Red Dot Award. Well, apparently not. The other rugged device maker, Zebra, just gotten itself two Red Dot Award for TC20 mobile computer and TC25 rugged smartphone. And this is not even the first; in fact, this is the fourth consecutive year Zebra has received this award. Here’s a run down of the key facts of these two award-winning products:

• Both the TC20 and TC25 mobile computers are rugged devices with integrated scanning capabilities, designed for small businesses in retail, field mobility and transport and logistics.
• It’s 4.3” capacitive touchscreen along with Android 7 offer a smartphone user experience whilst the added durability of 1.2m drop protection, IP54, Push-to-Talk functionality, enhanced accessory ecosystem and ergonomic features enable customers to work smarter and faster.
• The TC20 series is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to multitask, manage inventory, price check, and perform back-of-store applications.
• With the integrated discrete barcode scanner, the TC20/TC25 mobile computers capture virtually every barcode with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. This includes electronic barcodes displayed on a mobile phone and even damaged, scratched or dirty barcodes printed on labels.
• Zebra’s Workforce Connect PTT Pro voice solution gives the TC20 and TC25 walkie-talkie functionality, enabling instant PTT (Push-to-talk) calls between the TC20/TC25s and other compatible Zebra mobile devices, iPhones, iPads and select Android smartphones. This feature provides teams with the benefit of collaboration required to improve customer service and workforce productivity.
• The previous Zebra® devices to receive the Red Dot Product Design Award include the TC5 touch computer series, the DS8100 series barcode scanner and DS3600 ultra-rugged scanner, the MC18 personal shopper series, the WT6000 wearable computer system and the RS6000 ring scanner.

Zebra TC25 Rugged Smartphone
Zebra TC25 Rugged Smartphone.

Obviously, these are no consumers-grade devices. While both devices look very much like a regular smartphone, they are more like ruggedized handheld computer aimed at industrial use with key features like all-day power, integrated barcode scanner, support for push-to-talk, and a rugged built that shrug off onslaught of abuse from elements like water, dust, extreme temperatures, and of course, surviving nasty drops. We do not have the pricing for the devices, so we suggest that you touch base with the folks over at Zebra if you are keen in these devices.

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Zebra TC20 Rugged Mobile Computer
TC20 has two versions: one with physical keyboard and one without.
Zebra TC20 Rugged Mobile Computer
TC20 shown here fitted on a barcode scanning handle.

Images courtesy of Zebra.

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