for every ordinary things, there are the extraordinary priced equivalents and exercise equipment like dumbbells are no exception. meet the HOCK Luxury DISKUS Dumbbells Set, and in particular, the 8-18 kilograms model, which is the latest addition to HOCK’s arsenal of luxury dumbbells. you heard that right, luxury dumbbells. if you have a fair bit of cash to throw, the DISKUS series dumbbells will let you work out in absolute style and elegance. let’s be clear about this: this is not your usual Kettle stuff – each DISKUS dumbbell is elegantly crafted from stainless steel using precision CNC machine that gives it the natural fine sheen and the handle is of certified American walnut, oiled for protection against sweat (for longevity) and conical in shape to promote firm grip. the ever slight angle on the inner sides of the dumbbell heads allows room for movement and all edges are guaranteed burr-free, so it is perfectly safe to touch and caress these luxe beauties.

as a set, it comes with a beautiful rack that holds up to 156 kilograms of weight. the rack is made of aluminum, wrapped in real wood walnut veneer panels to match the dumbbells and has a weighted solid stainless steel base plate that is felt padded to prevent it from scratching the surface that it is on and also to improve stability. for €9,170 (about US$12,106 – yes, 12 grand for a set of pretty dumbbells), you will get the rack, complete with 8-18 kilograms DISKUS dumbbells in 2 kilograms increment in between, which means you will be getting 6 pairs or 12 dumbbells in all. that said, we cannot imagine the cost for shipping 216 kilograms (about 476 pounds) of metal (the stand itself weighs in at 60 kilograms or about 132 pounds). then again, if you are already thinking of putting down five figures for these weights, we guess shipping cost won’t be much of a concern. check out a few more look in photo gallery below.

HOCK [GR] via Desire This

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