Home Alone Again with Google Assistant

I am sure we are all familiar with Home Alone (Fox, 1990), the Christmas comedy blockbuster that propelled the then 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin into super stardom. The film details how the young protagonist, Kevin McCallister, got on with day-to-day life when his parents accidentally left him alone at home and how he handled burglars hellbent in entering his home.

Home Alone was a heartwarming and funny flick that remained as such… until some brilliant minds in Google decided to pick the film up and adapted it to market the search engine giant’s voice assistant, Google Assistant. The result is pure genius. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it is probably the best Christmas ad we have seen thus far.

The ad stars Macaulay Culkin who reprises his role as Kevin McCallister (but a lot older, obviously) and centers around how Kevin’s short time without parents would have been different (read: easier) if he had Google Assistant. The one-minute ad also stars a bunch of IoT devices like smart lock, robot vacuum cleaner, smart security camera, and a random pizza delivery dude. The most interesting bit here should be a routine called “fend off bandits.”

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Hit the jump for the short ad that has garnered mostly positive comments on YouTube which, if you know YouTube, that is kind of rare – most so if it involves some kind of tech from Google.

Image: YouTube.