Hushme World’s First Voice Mask For Mobile Phones

In today’s strangest thing we have heard all day even before the day gets in the way is this gadget called Hushme. Hushme, as the name pretty much implies, is a device that you wear around your mouth (yes, mouth!) like a surgical mask and in doing so, it supposed to stop your chatter on mobile phone hush, hush. Get it? Yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of its main purpose.

Hushme boasts a bunch of features including integrated headphones so you can go completely handsfree, the requisite microphone for voice communication, and passive voice suppression along with thick padding to keep the voice coming out of your mouth away from eavesdropping ears, or simply to keep you from annoying your fellow coworkers, which ever applicable. And it will inevitably make you look ridiculous. But that’s kind of expected, isn’t it?

Hushme World’s First Voice Mask For Mobile Phones

From what we can see, with Hushme on, it make you look like Bane, one of the many arch nemesis of the famed caped crimefighter, Batman. Deadening your voice is not only thing it does; Hushme is also outfitted with speakers, allowing it to be used as a portable wireless speakers and interestingly, you can also customized the masking sound with a variety of sound effects, including hypnotizing sound of wind, ocean, rain, birds, monkey, or squirrel.

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Apparently, you play out Darth Vader’s heavy breathing, R2D2 beeping, and adorable squeals of the Minions too. Seriously, I absolutely have no idea why it has this feature. Though obviously targeted at officer workers, Hushme can also be use outside of offices as long as you don’t mind the stares you will get from being looking this goofy.

Hushme is a Ukrainian product which is expected to hit up crowdfunding platform sometime this year with an expected sticker of around $200. If not for the price, Hushme should make a good gift for your yak-loving colleagues. You know, for the good of fellow coworkers. Hmmm, perhaps it could count as a company expense? I don’t know. Check with your boss.

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.

Additional image: Hushme.

Hushme via Geek.