Here’s your chance to grab a Hypecases GameBoy AirPods Case. If you like want you see (we sure do!) and want one, you’d better act it fast. Like, really, really fast. Because this grey version you see here is the last of its kind. Last checked, other colors in the series were promptly snapped up.

Hypecases GameBoy AirPods Case protects your shiny white AirPods charging case from daily knocks and bumps while making your allegiance known. Seriously, what’s not to love, right?

It may look chunky, but apparently, wireless charging is still supported. The case is designed to work with both 1st and 2nd-generation Apple AirPods.

Hypecases GameBoy AirPods Case

It is probably not officially licensed which means Hypecases might be threading on thin line here, but as a fan, we don’t really give a single f*@k. Unless Nintendo can offer the same thing, they’d better not be going around busting people asses for giving what fans want.

Anywho… being not officially license also means, if its gone, its gone and so, you want pick one up as soon as you can. At the time of this post, Hypecases is having a sale with the case now selling at $13.95 (U.P.: $19.99).

Images: Hypecases.

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