iDVM Multimeter turns your iOS devices into a multimeter

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(credit: RedFish Instruments) iDVM Multimeter | US$220.00 |

joining the list of ‘what your iPhone is capable of’ is the iDVM Multimeter. yes, you heard that right. you can turn your iOS devices, iPad included, into a fully functional digital multimeter. as you can see, the iDVM Multimeter is completely devoid of display and switches that’s because it connects to your iOS devices by wireless network, making use of the iOS device’s glorious high resolution display to display the readings and of course, the measurement switch.
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this marriage between a digital multimeter with the iOS device means you can easily store and recall the data, email it, post it to a web server, or even display the data as a graphical presentation. besides visually showing the measurements, the iDVM can also ‘read out’ the readings through your iOS device’s speaker so that you can be informed of the readings without looking at the display. the iDVM Multimeter hardware cost $220 a pop and is expected to be available this June. oh, the accompanying iDVM app is free and is available on the iTunes App Store now.

RedFish Instruments via Oh Gizmo!

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