Infinity Studio Aquaman Life-size Bust

Super fans of DC live action flick Aquaman and Jason Momoa (or maybe just Jason Momoa) will want to check out this new life-size bust from Shanghai-based statue maker, Infinity Studio. Truth be told, any DC fan can have any DC collectibles they fancy, but only select few (read: hardcore fans) will bare to part with US$3,749 for a statue, life-size or not.

Infinity Studio Aquaman Life-size Bust

That’s a lot of money to drop for a previously unceremonious superhero of the DC Comics universe. For a person who grew up with the comic’s Aquaman, Momoa’s version does not win my vote. In case you do and have the money to drop, the Infinity Studio Aquaman Life-size Bust may be for you.

Despite my non-love for the live-action underwater superhero, I got to say, on paper, this statue looks pretty impressive. For starter, size and sculpt of the body are accurate to the actor’s and it has skin made of medical platinum silicone that “could withstand high temperatures and aging.”

Well, its not like anyone going put in the middle of the desert. Oh wait. Maybe it is a good idea since we have a record high temperature now.

Can we just acknowledge that the resemble to the actor is absolutely spot on? Anywho, it is said that “with proper maintenance,” the materials will be good for two decades. Dang it. 20 years does not make it heirloom worthy!

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Also, why would they put a number to how long it could last? We know it is not going to last forever like statue of David, but why the number there? That’s just odd.

A couple of noteworthy features include over 100,000 high-temperature (again) fibers where planted through out the superhero’s body and he has a pair of prosthetic eyes made specially for him as he appeared in the film.

Alright. We conceit that it is a painstakingly made statue, but nearly 4 grand is a bit much.

In any case, if you are keen, you may now pre-order the Infinity Studio Aquaman Life-size Bust from But you will have to act on it fast cos’ we heard the stock is low. Wait, you mean there are fans? Perhaps, fans of Conan. No, wait. I mean Khal Drogo. No, I mean, Jason Momoa?

Images: Infinity Studio.