Weilan AlphaDog Robotic Dog

It is a good thing that Boston Dynamics Spot is available now, albeit only for businesses. Because, there are more competitions joining the party. In addition to the Unitree A1 robot dog, there is the Weilan AlphaDog.

Weilan AlphaDog Robotic Dog
It could be further developed to become a guide dog the blind.

AlphaDog is available in four models (C100, C200, E300 and E400L) and in two sizes to suit your applications. It is also targeted at businesses, but the price tags won’t be a major stumbling block for robotic enthusiasts.

Not to say that it is cheap. But with a starting price of US$5,670 (for the C100), it is significantly cheaper than Spot and possibly cheaper than the A1 too. The top-end model, the E400L, has a starting price of US$27,690.

Weilan AlphaDog Robotic Dog
Four models and two sizes are being offered.

A look at the company’s English website, it is clear that AlphaDog isn’t made for consumers. However, given the affordability by robotic dog standards (Aibo, not included), you may very well get yourself one if you have a financial muscle.

That said, the pricing is consider cut throat in robotics and should give Boston Dynamics a run for their money.

We shall not dig into the details. If you are interested, you can dive into the details on the product page HERE. And yes, they can be order right now.

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Images: Weilan.