Headlights that turn independently of the vehicle’s body is not exclusive to motorcycle. In fact, headlights that turned with the front wheels as far back as the 1920s, on the Tucker Torpedo.

However, turning headlamps were never widely adopted. Through the automotive history, there have been several developments by major automakers from the Europe to Japan to the U.S., but none of them is quite like Ford’s new night driving headlights.

Innovative Turning Headlights by Ford

This is way, way more advanced than anything the automotive have seen. Ford’s new technology uses real-time location data to effectively show the car the way to go.

It is predictive smart headlight system that directs beams into upcoming corners even before you can see them and thereby, lighting up potential hazards and other road users much more sooner.

Here’s how it works:

“The prototype advanced lighting system uses GPS location data, advanced technologies and highly accurate street geometry information to accurately identify turns in the road ahead.

An algorithm calculates the trajectory and speed of the vehicle to proactively adjust the direction of its headlights, providing optimal light coverage of bends, junctions – and even hazards lurking around the corner.

If the vehicle encounters a stretch of road where location data is not available, the system will work alongside camera- and steering‑based dynamic headlight bending technologies to continue to intelligently light the road until the location data improves.

Researchers have made extensive use of “digital twin” simulation that recreates the physical world in a virtual environment. The simulator accurately calculates how light falls and reflects in the real world, enabling researchers to better visualise and optimise the technology for drivers.”

Not going to lie. It is hard imagine the benefits until you have seen the demo video which you can find embedded below.

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Images: Ford Europe.

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