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Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse - Black
Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse | €399.00 |

computer mice – they are a humble and yet indispensable part of any desktop computing experience, well… at least that was before trackpad started to become ‘magical’. anyway, who would have thought that it can be anything more luxurious than a $199 gaming mouse? we bet you didn’t and neither did we but here it is, a mouse that cost €399, that’s around US$520 and yet it is not embellish with crystals or diamonds, however, it has a different luxe to it – the geek’s way. handcrafted from a combination of Grade 1 titanium and high quality plastic resin, it features wireless Bluetooth connectivity (a dongle is provided in case your machine is not Bluetooth capable), laser tracking, and the mandatory three-button with a specially designed and made for Intelligent Design’s neodymium magnet scroll wheel. the best part is, it has an ambidextrous design, so regardless whether you are left- or right-handed, as long you are willing to put down the money, you can use it. for those who don’t know how geeks see sexy, this is probably it. there’s just one more thing… this mouse was in fact, introduced back in 2009 at the Dutch Design Week, which means it has been around for quite a while but hey, that doesn’t stop us from mentioning it. well, at least the design didn’t seem to age a bit.

Intelligent Design via Uncrate

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