iVictrola – grandeur of natural amplifications now for iPad

iVictrola for iPad 544x466px
(credit: Made-Craft) iVictrola for iPad | US$985.00 | www.made-craft.com

natural amplification has been a rage these days for iOS devices but one that really caters to iPad and still looking Victorian-cool is a rarity. that’s where the iVictrola for iPad comes in. i can only describe it as ‘beautifully grand’. iVictrola is created by Made-Craft, the folks who brought to you the iVictrola for iPhone/iPod back in 2009. your iPad sits on one side of a beautifully crafted walnut dock of the iVictrola, and on the other side is a large Magnavox phonograph horn that amplifies your iPad’s sound with spending a dime on electricity – until, of course, when your iPad runs out of juice but that’s a different story altogether. not much information is made available for now but apparently you will have your chance to own this work of art for a pricey $985 this November. though it is also worthy to note that it will then be available in “limited quantities”.
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