J.Ruiter Nomoto Motorcycle Concept

Ever worry about your precious motorcycle getting stolen at some point? Well, if J.Ruiter Nomoto Motorcycle Concept is a thing, you never have to worry. Because, it looks like part of the urban landscape.

J.Ruiter Nomoto Motorcycle Concept
Ermmm, where is your motorcycle exactly?

That’s right. We are not here to talk about electrical boxes. The very thing you see here IS A MOTORCYCLE. At a push of a button, the electrical boxes with patina and graffiti raises up and flips open and a seat pops out, turning it into a functional motorcycle. Now, how’s that for ‘hiding in plain sight?’

This motor vehicle basically melts into its environment. If there is a motorcycle thief around, he or she won’t even know to steal it. That’s until those electrical box thieves come along…

But why a motorcycle that masquerade as industrial electric equipment? Well, because, the designer can. Nah. Just kidding. Joey Ruiter, the designer (the same designer behind that super cool block of snowmobile), wanted to create something that’s “museum-worthy” and yet completely unnoticeable and familiar at same time.

So, there you have it. Or not have it, really, because, Nomoto is a concept vehicle. While it may not be real, I will not stop marveling at it. Nomoto actually puts a smile on my face. I think it pretty damn cool.

J.Ruiter Nomoto Motorcycle Concept

Images: J.Ruiter.

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Source: Uncrate.