for the richie rich out there who loves to roll their Gallardo on the track, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse would be the perfect machine to do so. not that the Gallardo needs any further souping up to deal with the track, but it would however save you precious time in trying make your Gallardo worthy of the track and at the same time, street-legal. based on the Gallardo Super Trofeo, the Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse is as close you can get to the track-going counterpart while still maintain street legality. powered by the the 570 horsepower (419 kW) V10 power plant found in the Super Trofeo, the Squadra Corse stays true to race car counterpart sporting the same rear wing that gives it three times the downforce of the LP 560-4 and the same removable engine bonnet with quick-release system, both of which are made from carbon composite material, as with a host of other parts.

these carbon fiber bits along with aluminum, afford the Squadra Corse a dry weight of just 1,340 kilograms (about 2,954 pounds), which is a whole 70 kg lighter than the LP 560-4. on the performance department, the Squadra Corse makes the century sprint in a scant 3.4 seconds and maxes out a 320 km/h (199 mph), while stopping power comes from production-standard carbon ceramic brake system. other goodies include a robotized e-gear six-speed transmission, steering wheel shift paddles, 19-inch forged wheels, and an interior comprising of more carbon fiber and Alcantara for that extra race car feel. more on the cosmetic end, the but the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse sports decal strip along the sides in the Italian flag colors with a choice of yellow, white, grey, or red body color with contrasting matte black rear wing and high-gloss black on the hood, front air intakes, rear diffuser, as well as the wheels. no word on the pricing or the availability. in the mean time, a handful of images are available for your viewing pleasure.

via Autoblog

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