That’s right. TWS earbuds just became inclusive too. While most true wireless sound earbuds makers are on the profile route to make the earbuds less conspicuous, JLab takes the color route.

JLab GO Air TONES Skin-toned Based Earphones

The skin-tone-based JLab GO Air TONES offer a discreet alternative to the usual loud colors of earbuds. A selection of skin tone colors are available to complement different skin tones – more than what Kim K has to offer with her collaboration with Beats and way, way, way more affordable too.

All told, the JLab GO Air TONES has seven Pantone colors specially designed to flatter individuals across different skin tones and thereby more discrete than traditional colors like black, white, and whatnot. Anyhoo, the seven Pantone is JLab’s attempt to reflect the ‘tones’ of the world.

JLab GO Air TONES Skin-toned Based Earphones

“As part of the colour selection process for GO Air TONES, JLab partnered with ORLY Color Labs, a division of the Los Angeles-based nail care brand ORLY. ORLY Color Labs is a leader in creating custom nail polishes, including nude polishes for different skin tones. JLab and ORLY selected the GO Air TONES colour options from an original palette of more than 60 shades. ORLY Color Labs whittled down the shade range to tones encompassed a variety of skin tones with a mix of warm, neutral, and cool undertones. Pulling data from existing colours as well as from the team’s experience in mixing shades to flatter customers with a wide range of skin tones, ORLY Color Labs assured that the shades were flattering for people across a spectrum of skin tones.”

JLab Audio
JLab GO Air TONES Skin-toned Based Earphones

I applaud the diversity and inclusivity but here’s the thing: which Pantone is nearest to one’s skin tone? Considering that there may be some discrepancies in display colors, it may be hard to decide on a color. Oh, wait. There’s actually an “online Fitting Room” that uses an augmented reality filter that allows you to see how the different options would look in your ear.

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If you are down, you can pick up a pair of the JLab GO Air TONES True Wireless Earbuds for £19.99/US$25 from

All images courtesy of JLab.

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