Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review

In China, collectibles such as Yomiplanet, BE@RBRICK, and Space Molly are often called ‘chaowan,’ which literally translates to ‘trendy play’ but what it really means is designer or art toy. The Space Astronaut Panda from Wekki you see here is a fusion of a designer toy and a brick-built toy.

Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review

Published internationally by JMBrickLayer under its Fantastic Ideas line, the Space Astronaut Panda follows in the footsteps of the mechanical chameleon we previously reviewed. However, this adorable panda isn’t a cyborg; it’s dressed for space missions. Anyhoo, today, we’ll share our thoughts on this charming brick-built collectible.

Before we dive into it, here are the basics of the set:

  • Brand: Wekki
  • Product Name: Space Panda Astronaut
  • Product Number: 70005
  • Number of Pieces: 829
  • Dimensions: about 160 x 160 x 205 mm
  • Recommended Age: 14+

The Set

This set combines main brick elements with Technic-style elements and a special molded part. It features a small number of printed pieces and two sheets of stickers for details, which aren’t overwhelming for an 800-plus-piece set, in my opinion. The build involves 265 steps.

Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review

The Package

Included is a 62-page instruction booklet, the brick/Technic elements in separate bags, and a brick separator. However, there are no light-up elements.

The Contents

The set is divided into four major sections across six individual bags, plus an unnumbered baggy for the special molded part.

The Instructions

Despite having just over 800 pieces, JMBrickLayer/Wekki treats the instruction booklet with importance. It’s presented in a perfect-bound format spanning 62 pages. The booklet provides insight into the set, detailing the astronaut suit’s functions before introducing the numbered bags and their corresponding sections. As before, only the current steps are colored, with the previous steps slightly greyed out.

The Build Time

It took me 3 hours and 56 minutes to complete. I was in no rush, experiencing no drama during the build—except for a missing sticker sheet, which JMBrickLayer promptly replaced. Admittedly, I spent some time searching for it, thinking I might have misplaced it. OK. Maybe that’s only ‘drama’. There’s another but more on that in a bit.

The Overview

The build process is logical, featuring minimal articulation. However, be careful when moving its fingers and arms. And no there are no head movements. My main critique is the leg-to-body connection and because the pin has some free play, the figure will shift forward and backward if you move it around. In other words, it may not lean backward at times. This may trigger folks with OCD. It almost did with me anyways.

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The Design

The design is as cool as a brick-built panda can get. Kudos to the designer(s) for creating the details of the space suit with a limited number of bricks. The body has a solid foundation, IMHO. It does not feel like it will fall apart when handled.

The Challenge

Building the helmet can be challenging. During the initial assembly, the lower frame tends to give way as you are building the helmet because each side is held in place by just a couple of studs on either side. It can be quite frustrating, I won’t lie. I think I spent more time on this part than I should have, fixing it repeatedly. However, the result is worth the effort.

Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review

The Thoughts

This set has replaced the mechanical octopus as my favorite build now. It fits right in with the likes of BE@RBRICK and MOLLY collection, if you have those but as a super cool brick build. The feet-to-body connection could be improved, IMHO; a pin simply isn’t enough.

The Verdict


  • Solid design, especially the body
  • Adorable and trendy styling
  • Some articulation


  • Leg-to-body connection could be stronger
  • Could benefit from light-up features

Overall, there’s no deal-breaker here. If you ask me, I’d say this is a good addition for designer toy collectors. I will put this along the lines of the Pantasy Astro Boy build. 

If this review has piqued your interest, you can purchase the JMBrickLayer Space Astronaut Panda from the JMBrickLayer store on Amazon US for US$54.94. But if you use the coupon code JMBVIPMKMK you can score 15% off the original price of Space Astronaut Panda (70005). The code has a validity of one month, btw. 

The set is also available on Amazon CA for CA$74.94 but if you use the coupon code JMBVIPMKMK, you can get 15% off. But do note that the discount will apply on non-discount 70005. The same applies to Amazon US. Similarly, the code is valid for a month.

Last but not least, if you prefer to pick up the Space Astronaut Panda (70005) set for US$54.99 from JMBrickLayer.com, you can also secure a 15% discount by using the code VIPMIKE15. As always, the code is only valid for non-discounted items. The code for use on JMBrickLayer.com is valid till December 31, 2024.

Disclaimer: This set was provided by JMBrickLayer for review, but this has not influenced our opinion of the product.

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Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review
Size comparison with a 100% MOLLY.
Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review
Next to Pantasy Astro Boy.
Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review
Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review
Wekki Space Astronaut Panda Building Set Review

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