just when we thought we have seen enough of weird bicycle, we came across the Juggernaut Fat-tire Bullfrog Trike. the individual words that made up the product does not sound any weird by themselves, but when you put them together, it became obvious that this is indeed an oddity. we won’t judge the performance since we haven’t ride one, but logic tells us that three fat tires are not synonymous with agility. anyway, here it is; the world’s first, if not the weirdest, three-wheeled fatty with two wheels up front and a single wheel at the rear, and mind you, this is a pedal-powered vehicle, which means it would take a hell lot of muscle power to drive this thing across rough terrains and crawl over 6 inches obstacles like what its creator, California-based Rungu, claims it could do. perhaps that it is for this reason there are mounting to convert it into an electric bike? you know. for a little powered help?

anywho, this mutant of the bicycle world has a special steering system which allows both front wheels to pivot in harmony and apparently, lets you bank into turns like any bicycle, but “with adequate stability to stop without having put your feet on the ground.” the Juggernaut has a long wheel base aluminum space frame, which together with the three fat rubbers, offers improve float on sand and snow over regular fat bikes (by 50 percent, we heard). low gearing is in the order to tackle difficult terrain, while dual front brakes and a lone hydraulic rear brake provides sure-stopping power. we are a bit of a weird stuff junkie (at times) and so we’d be lying if we say we weren’t attracted to the Bullfrog trike a bit. if you share same thoughts as us and have $2,600 to drop (we don’t, btw), the Juggernaut Fat-tire Bullfrog Trike could be yours.

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Juggernaut Fat-tire Bullfrog Trike

Rungu via Gear Junkie

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