Karma SC2 Vision Concept Electric Vehicle

After seeing the Tesla Cybertruck, I am beginning to wonder if automobile designers are being too conservative. I am starting to imagine a world of geometric shape vehicles and then, Karma SC2 Vision Concept Electric Vehicle reeled me back to reality and proved that curves still have their magic.

Even more magical is the power it embodies. SC2 Concept’s front and rear mounted twin electric motors deliver 800 kW of peak power and puts out a mind-boggling 14,000 Nm of torque. That’s nearly 1,100 horses at your disposal and a metal-twisting 10,500 lb-ft of torque. 10,500 lb-ft! Imagine that!

With the power it has, it makes 60 mph sprint in a time (97 km/h) before you could say “60 miles an hour” – in under 1.9 seconds.

Karma SC2 Vision Concept Electric Vehicle

Other features are equally impressive too, features like 350 miles (563 kilometers) of pure electric range, carbon ceramic brakes, push-rod operated racing suspension, Karma torque vectoring gearbox, and ultrasonic dynamic regenerative panel.

There’s also this thing known as Drive and Play technology that allows automotive and gaming enthusiasts alike to relive their previous drives via simulated driving experiences in their own vehicles. Here’s how it works:

“A triple high definition camera under the windshield and frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) LIDAR sensors provide 360 capture of the car in motion, within a 3D environment. Simultaneously, SC2’s intelligent technology captures the entire driving experience in real-time; turns, braking, acceleration, light simulations, sounds, air temperature and audio playlist. After the drive, SC2’s adaptive laser projector replays the journey while the vehicle is parked, while a mounted smartphone acts as the cabin’s rear-view mirror; transforming SC2 into a driving simulator where the user can re-experience their drive and fine-tune their skills.”

Now, that’s blurring the line between gaming and reality. Though I am not quite sure it is the best idea. Then again, Drive and Play and SC2 Vision, in general, remains a concept. Karma did not explicitly say if it will ever make it to the production. So, here’s to hoping that it will, eventually. While Karma is at it, why not explore the possibility of a geometric hyper car too? Just kidding!

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All images courtesy of Karma Automotive.

Source: Airows.