Who can forget the breathtaking electric Gymkhana, dubbed Electrikhana, pulled off by the legendary rally race car driver Ken Block in Las Vegas last year? That electrifying run in Vegas was not the last. Ken Block and the Hoonigan team headed to Mexico City for the next installment. The recording went on without much drama. Unfortunately, though, Ken Block met with a fatal snowmobile accident a few weeks later.

Ken Block Audi Electrikhana 2 Final Drift Video with Ken Block

Electrikhana 2 was a project close to Ken Block’s heart, filmed with the man behind the wheel of the same Audi S1 Hoonitron prototype. The project was shelved after the news of Ken’s passing – that’s until now. Driven by Block’s family’s desire to honor his legacy, the film is a poignant tribute to his memory.

For fans longing for one last glimpse of their idol, “Electrikhana 2” delivers exhilarating driving sequences and stunts featuring the Audi S1 Hoonitron. This unique all-electric prototype, exclusively crafted by Audi Sport for Ken Block, packs a punch with dual electric motors, all-wheel drive, 500 kW of total output, a carbon fiber chassis, and FIA’s highest motorsport safety standards. Following the initial Electrikhana episode in August 2022, Block worked closely with Audi to enhance the S1 Hoonitron – focusing on weight reduction, drivability, and simulating gear changes.

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Ken Block Audi Electrikhana 2 Final Drift Video with Ken Block

The first installment saw Block drifting through Las Vegas in the Audi S1 Hoonitron, captivating over 100 million viewers worldwide across multiple platforms. “Electrikhana 2” shifted its stage to Mexico City, a metropolis boasting 22 million inhabitants, offering the Hoonigan team mesmerizing locales – from the ultramodern airport to a spiral-shaped parking garage.

Collaborating with Audi Sport engineers, Ken Block introduced a unique electric vehicle feature for “Electrikhana 2,” paired with a fresh livery: a scene where the front and rear axles pull in opposing directions, enveloping the Audi S1 Hoonitron in a vast white cloud when stationary – a spectacle crafted for Block’s dedicated fanbase, reminiscent of his unforgettable drifting artistry.

May the man rest in peace. And for you fans, here’s the video the man wants you to watch:

Ken Block Audi Electrikhana 2 Final Drift Video with Ken Block
Ken Block Audi Electrikhana 2 Final Drift Video with Ken Block

Images: Audi/Facebook (Hoonigan).

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