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Kindle Paperwhite
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ebook fans rejoice! Amazon has finally announced its new Kindle successor! dubbed as the Kindle Paperwhite, the new ebook reader is described as “quantum leap forward and the best Kindle” Amazon have ever built by far by founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. highlights include an advanced e-reader display with 62% more pixels (that’s 212 ppi for you geeks out there), 25% more contrast and backlit LCD displays that uses a patented front-lit display to spread the light under its anti-glare layer for hours of reading without putting a strain on your eyes. other noteworthy features include up to 8 weeks of battery life, new capacitive touch technology, a thinner and sleeker form factor (just 0.36″ thin and 213 grams), new hand-tuned fonts with 6 font styles and 8 adjustable sizes, built-in WiFi, and 2GB of onboard storage for up to 1,100 books. the new Kindle Paperwhite comes in two flavor: the WiFi model and the WiFi + 3G model that offers free 3G connectivity. yes, you heard that right – free 3G. Amazon will foot the bill for the 3G connection on Kindle Paperwhite WiFi + 3G, so you don’t have monthly fees to worry about and no dotted lines to sign on. sweet. and its available in over 100 countries around the world. wow. the Kindle Paperwhite WiFi and the Kindle Paperwhite WiFi + 3G are available for pre-order now with a price tag of $119 and $179, respectively. expect shipment from October 1st, 2012. click past the jump for some closer look.

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