King Cobra ATV: a quad bike in a King Cobra’s body

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i know there are a slew of electric vehicles coming up lately, but this ferocious-looking beast here isn’t one. straight out from Taiwanese firm, Cectek, is this King Cobra ATV that spells fun. beneath it’s menacing look lies a four-stroke 500 EFI single overhead cam engine mated to a CVT automatic transmission with Cectek knob selector (H, L,N, R). this liquid cooled engine pushes out 30 kW (40 hp) and 44 Nm of torque to its two wheels or four wheels, selectable by the rider. these figures may sounds like nothing in car terms, but trust me, they are really something when you are tearing through sand dunes or some rain forest.
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built on an ultra-secure chassis system “specifically designed for the toughest terrain”, the King Cobra also possess longer suspension travel arm and forged aluminum upper arm with separate springs. the stopping department is also in the good hands of four independent large disc brake on each wheel. other adventure-creature comfort includes three storage boxes and a healthy towing capacity of 450 kilograms (990 pounds). aesthetically, the King Cobra sports a body curve that reminisces of a muscular physique, and a front and rear end that looks as ferocious as the King itself. all these goodies are kept in a light weight body of just 312 kilograms (688 pounds).

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no words on its pricing and availability but Cectek invites you to contact them if you wish to grab of this gorgeous yet menacing off-road beast. in the meantime, do check out more images of the King after the break.

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Cectek King Cobra ATV 600x568px Cectek King Cobra ATV 600x568px Cectek King Cobra ATV 600x568px Cectek King Cobra ATV 600x568px Cectek King Cobra ATV 600x568px Cectek King Cobra ATV 600x568px

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