KitchenAid, the kitchen small appliance maker best known for its retro styling, has introduced a bunch of coffee tools and among them, the Cold Brew Coffee Maker had us at hello. Well, it can’t actually speaks, but you get the idea. It looks vastly differently from the retro-styling most of its ware touts. In fact, it looks a mini water tank with the right amount of stainless steel accent which makes it cool as f*@k. I think it will look absolutely awesome on any kitchen countertop and with its compact footprint, it is small enough to be placed inside the fridge, so you can dispense some cold joe straight from the refrigerator. Moreover, it has a matching stainless steel handle to afford portability, so you can actually bring this to your next picnic by the lake or wherever.

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The obvious awesome aesthetic aside, Cold Brew Coffee Maker is your one-stop-shop for your cold caffeinated beverage fix. The device features a reusable stainless steel steeper, aided by a fill guideline, that allows custom beverage brewing with none of the guesswork while a fitted lid ensures freshness of the coffee concentrate. Using a no heat brewing method, Cold Brew Coffee Maker steeps your favorite coarsely ground coffee in cold water and 12-24 hours later, you will be treating yourself a smooth, balanced flavor cold joe straight off the integrated stainless steel tap. So yeah. Cold Brew Coffee Maker is like the micro-brewery of the coffee world, which is kind of dope.

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The device is capable of making up to 28 ounces, or 710m milliliter, of concentrate each time which should be good for around 14 single servings. KitchenAid recommends mixing a modest 2 ounces 60 ml of the cold coffee concentrate with ice and if you desire, you can drop in some milk and sweeteners to the mix, but that’s just a suggestion. You can choose to enjoy the joe however you desire. KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker is available now with an asking price of $129.99.

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Images: KitchenAid.

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