Klipsch Image S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Image S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Klipsch Image S4i Rugged | US$tba | www.klipsch.com

honestly speaking, the new Klipsch Image S4i Rugged Headphones do not appear to be rugged in anyway. by appearance, it looks just like any regular Klipsch in-ear headphones but the truth is, it is a pair of ruggedized in-ear headphones that will allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes virtually anywhere via the quality sound Image S4i is known for. it features an extra-large, three-button in-line remote for music control, for ease of control even with your gloves on. other highlights include tough rubber molded construction, all-weather design to keep the elements at bay, patented oval ear tips for comfortable fit, integrated directional microphone for taking calls and a choice of four cheerful hues, including blue, red, yellow and orange, for you to choose from. coming to you in July 2012 with price yet to be determined. click through for a few more look at this pair of in-ear headphones.

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