KooKit Snap-on Phone Cooler and Wireless Charger

Before we proceed, can we just say that KooKit sounds too much like KoolAid and therefore it had my attention? KooKit is, obviously, not KoolAid. It is a snap-on phone cooler that also doubles as a stand for your device and it is a on-the-go wireless charger.

What makes it even more awesome is, KooKit works with iPhone 12’s MagSafe for a seamless phone cooling/charging function. Unfortunately, all other devices will have to go with the included clip which is kind of unsightly, IMHO.

Why you need to keep your phone cool needs no explanation. But if you really have to know, the short version is, it helps to maintain your phone’s overall health, including battery’s longevity, and it also helps to prevent the processor from throttling and thereby affecting your gameplay.

KooKit Snap-on Phone Cooler and Wireless Charger

You can cool and charge your device while using it. If I can perfectly honest, I think the MagSafe version for iPhone 12 attaches in a cooler way – no pun intended.

If you are sold by the idea, you may acquire it through Kickstarter. The price is US$45 and up.

Before you jump into backing this device, do note that this is a Kickstarter campaign and as such it has its risks. So you may want to proceed with caution. Also, we are not even sure if the MagSafe is Made For iPhone certified. So, again, proceed at your own risks.

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