Usually, LEGO will push out press release to announce new sets, but today (or was it yesterday?), the Danish toy maker has taken to Facebook to reveal a new LEGO Architecture set, the LEGO Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square. Not by a Facebook post though; LEGO has published an event as a “LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square set signing event” where you will be able to get the set early and have it signed by LEGO designer Rok Zgalin Kobe.

LEGO Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square

The said event is set to happen on April 27, 2019, from 11AM-2PM UTC+01 at LEGO Shop Leicester Square, London, U.K. For those who are familiar with Trafalgar Square, you will notice the set has all the works makes the public square in the City of Westminster so recognizable. In it, you will find London’s National Gallery, Nelson’s column, micro lion sculptures, fountains, a couple of iconic double-decker buses, and a car that looks like a London cab.

According to our source, the LEGO Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square will be available starting August, priced at €79.99. We are not sure about the U.S. pricing at this point, though. Also unfortunately, that is the only image we have of the set for now.

Image: LEGO.

Source: [DE].

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