ready to progress beyond those tiny LEGO Architecture sets? then the LEGO Architecture Studio is the next logical progression. consisting of 1,210 white and transparent bricks (no fancy colors to influence your creativity), this “architect” set comes complete with sorting trays and an inspirational 272-page guidebook offering tips, techniques, features and intuitive hands-on exercises to prepare you to custom create your very own dream LEGO architecture. the book is endorsed by big names in the building design industry, including REX architecture, Sou Fujimoto Architects, SOM, MAD Architects, Tham & Videġard Arkitekter, as well as Safdie Architects, and edited by Christopher Turner. basically, what LEGO wants you to do is be inspired by the book and unleash your creativity with these 1,200+ bricks. that said, what you can create with this set is limited by your imagination and the number bricks supplied, but for the latter, you can always get a second or third box if $149.95 a set doesn’t give you the pinch. more look after the break.

LEGO via Leg Godt by Gizmodo

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