it might be a good thing if you haven’t lay your hands on the Marshall Hanwell Speakers cos’ the folks at Marshall Headphones has just out the Marshall Hanwell Colors Speakers; it is the Hanwell you heard and read about in colors. available in Cream, Purple and Green, the Marshall Hanwell Colors is available from John Varvatos stores and select retailers for $800. features include gold script logo, gold pipping on the front of the cabinet, vintage-inspired fret grille cloth, analog power switch, volume knob, and bass and treble controls. these are limited edition speakers with each speaker comes packaged with a coiled double-ended stereo cable with two 3.5mm plugs and a commemorative badge celebrating Marshall 50th anniversary. technically, it features a pair of 6″ long throw hi-fi woofers and dual Ferrofluid cooled hi-fi dome tweeters, offering 100W of audio bliss and not too mention, a totally rad look to go with it.

no word on how many of these limited editions are available, but according to Marshall “only a handful produced in each color”, so if you want one, we suggest you act fast. well, if you need a few more images to convince how good looking the Hanwell is in colors, then check out the image gallery below.

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