If you are a super fan of LEGO Star Wars, you should be super excited over this newest addition to the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series (UCS), the LEGO UCS Star Wars Landspeeder (75341). That’s right, folks. The iconic Landspeeder is finally a UCS set and it really should as it is one of the most recognizable vehicles from the original trilogy.

LEGO UCS Star Wars Landspeeder 75341

Packing a cool 1,890 pieces, LEGO Star Wars Landspeeder (75341) lets you recreate Luke’s battered transport of choice, the X-34 Landspeeder, as seen in the Star Wars: A New Hope (or as old fans fondly remember it as Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope).

This Landspeeder has been used by Luke Skywalker for traversing across the harsh landscape of Tatooine and the same vehicle in which Obi-Wan used the Jedi mind trick to get past the stormtroopers looking for the wanted droids. While this trusty Tatooine transport may have been sold by Luke to fund his journey to Alderaan, you can own an awesome brick-built version.

LEGO UCS Star Wars Landspeeder 75341

When completed, the LEGO Star Wars Landspeeder measures a pretty shelf space-demanding 49 cm long and features a two-seater cockpit, a turbine engine without a cover, and the iconic curved cockpit windscreen.

The set comes with a display stand – as it should for a UCS set – with an integrated brick-built vehicle information plaque which the two included Minifigures, an exclusive C-3PO Minifigure with 2K molded legs and a side print as well as a Luke Minifigure with Lightsaber, can be displayed on its flank.

LEGO UCS Star Wars Landspeeder 75341

The LEGO UCS Star Wars Landspeeder (75341) will arrive on May 4th for US$199.99. Meanwhile, you can learn more HERE.

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