LG CineBeam LED Projector PH30N

I used to sneer at projectors because, they are at the mercy of ambient light. Seriously, a projector is good for night time or curtain drawn with the lights switched off. But these days, projector could a viable option – thanks to the LED technology, if you are looking for a big screen without busting your bank account. Case-in-point: the LG CineBeam LED Projector PH30N.

LG CineBeam LED Projector PH30N

It has a MSRP of just US$399.99, but yet, it offers up to a 100-inch of clear and vivid HD image. If you were to pick up a 100+-inch flat screen, that will easily set you back at over a few thousand dollars minimum.

Granted, LG CineBeam LED Projector PH30N is only good for up to 1,280 by 720 HD resolution, but it is bright, with a brightness coming in at 250 ANSI lumens which makes less at the mercy of ambient light.

LG CineBeam LED Projector PH30N

But lets not kid ourselves, it will never be a TV replacement. However, given that this little guy has a built-in battery and the compact form factor, it gives you the flexibility to take it anywhere for an impromptu backyard movie night, business or personal presentation and entertainment when on the road. Unfortunately, the battery offers just up to 2 hours of use which only 2/3 of The Godfather.

Other highlights include wireless smartphone mirroring, Bluetooth sound, 30,000 hours of lamp life, and the ability to play media from USB flash drive.

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The LG CineBeam LED Projector PH30N is available in stateside now at a special discounted price of US$359.99.

Images: LG Electronics USA.