Limited Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player

Limited Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player
Limited Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player | US$179.95 |

GarageBand may be an easy way to learn music but honestly, you got to have some basic ‘talent’ in order to really pick things up. however, lacking thereof does not mean you are resigned to the fate of just enjoying music and not creating it, thanks to innovative electronic instrument like the Beamz Player, a laser beam musical instrument, virtually anyone can create music and remix their favorite tunes with any kind instruments and in any genre – and that even includes thrash metal music. speaking of which, if you are a metal head, then the Limited Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player would definitely put a smile on your face. Arizona-based Beamz Interactive teams up with multi award winning thrash metal band Megadeth’s bassist David Ellefson for this special edition Beamz Player and for $179.95, you will get the Limited Limited Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player Closeup Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player that features the signature of David Ellefson and along with seven original interactive music, entitled David Ellefson’s Beamz Metal Factory, that Ellefson has created especially for this set. also included with the player are 30 Beamz original interactive songs, as well as a David Ellefson edition of the ShadowBeamz interactive music game. we know. it is a little hard for some to accept how laser can work to produce music and therefore, we recommend checking out a product video of the original Beamz Player below.

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