I am not usually a fan of display cases with background art because I thought it limits the display options since I cannot view it from every side. However, I made an exception for liking the idea of the limited edition wall-mounted display for the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set by Wicked Brick because it makes the set look like it was in the game.

Limited Edition Display Case For LEGO 10300

OK, I am not being completely honest. It was the lenticular background that had me at hello and the same is happening now with the Limited Edition Display Case For LEGO Back To The Future Time Machine (10300), also from Wicked Brick. So, yes, Wicked Brick has whipped up another collector’s worthy display case, and this time for the lovely 10300 set.

The Limited Edition Display Case For LEGO 10300 is perhaps the most unique display case by the British display case specialist. It comes bundled with not one, not two but three dynamic 3D lenticular backgrounds – one for each version of the LEGO Back To The Future Time Machine.

Limited Edition Display Case For LEGO 10300

So whether you have chosen to go with the original time machine, or Mr. Fusion-powered flying Delorean time machine, or the old west time machine, you will have the background to go with it. The included lenticular backgrounds include The Hill Valley Courthouse and Clock Tower, Skyway Hovering Freeway, and 1885 Wild West Hill Valley.

In addition, the display also includes 3 interchangeable stem variations to suit each scene and exclusive acrylic flame details to recreate the firey trail every time the Delorean enters the time portal.

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Each display comes with a premium ‘midnight black’ matte finish display base with vector line detailing, embedded studs, and a cut-out section for the interchangeable display stems. Some assembly is required.

The Limited Edition Display Case For LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine has a super limited run of just 500 units, each having its unique product number identifier laser etched into the base plate. It will be released on May 18 at 7 PM BST for 119.99 quid or about US$148.04.

Images: Wicked Brick.

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