Originally, we felt like giving this too-sweet-for-our-glucose-level animated short a pass, but after writing about the ewwww-worthy post about soap tasting, I think Lucas the Spider animation sounds like the sweet treat we need to balance out the soapy after taste (even though we have never tasted soap). If you are unaware, Lucas the Spider is an adorable animated character created by animator Josh Slice, named after and voiced by Slice’s nephew.

Lucas the Spider is a big-eyed, high-pitched voice jumping spider that almost too cuddly and the star of a series of YouTube animated shorts available on his own channel by the same name with nearly 3 million subscribers (yours truly being one of them). It even has its own speaking plush toy too (which was a sell out when it launched in June 2018).

In this latest animated short, entitled Lucas the Spider – I’m Starving, Lucas found a new friend, a fly, whom he went around exploring the spider-versus-fly when Lucas decided that he was hungry. Obviously, Lucas being a sweet, arachnid, is not quite carnivorous – much to his new found friend’s relief. Anyways, go on and have a look. It will definitely make your day more cheery, if not brighter. For me, it just managed to wash that imaginary soapy taste off my tongue.

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Image: YouTube (Lucas the Spider).

Source: Laughing Squid.

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