I don’t know if the world is getting weirder by the day, or it has been this weird since the beginning of time and we are only slowly realizing because of the Internet and social media. Speaking of weird world, here’s one absolutely bizarre news. If you think eating is Tide Pod is crazy, wait till you hear about this Indonesian mother-of-one who review different brands of soap by tasting it. No seriously. She did not. Oh, right. She did and she is, apparently, still doing it.

When we said ‘taste’, we did not mean just a quick touch of the tongue on the soap. She actual lick and slurp on it as if the bar of soap is some edible treat. Needless to say, this being the age of social media, her videos posted on Instagram went viral. Well, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t. This girl is literally tasting soap and for the first time in the history of soap, reviewing them based on taste. Do I need to know what a particular soap taste like?

Bizarre Soap Tasting Indonesian Lady

Probably not, but that never stop Khosik Assyifa from East Java province from doing what she loves. You heard right. She loves tasting soap. In fact, she doesn’t just taste it. She eats it. That kind of gives cake of soap a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? According to an interview with Ngopibareng, the 21-year-old Assyifa said she started eating soap two years ago when she became pregnant. You know how it goes with pregnant women; they have cravings. Except for Assyifa, her craving was soap. Of course, the love of the taste of soap didn’t magically start.

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It happened one fine day as she was bathing. She tasted soap for the first time and from then, there was no stopping – even during her pregnancy. The love for soapy treat has reportedly no effect on the baby. Assyifa said she never experienced any ill feeling either. Anywho, Assyifa said the soap eating video was originally posted as a joke, but since then, it has became viral. And why not? Who the hell review soap by taste, much less literally eats it? No one, ever.

TBH, I feel rather uncomfortable watching the video. I only managed to a minute or less and I couldn’t bare to watch it further. However, if you think you can stomach soap tasting videos, complete with sounds-too-delicious slurping, you are welcome to catch the video below, or you can hit up Khosik Assyifa’s Instagram page for a few more such videos.

Images: YouTube/Ikhsan/Ngopibareng.

Source: Oddity Central.

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