Italian artist/designer Gerardo Abriola has great ideas and love creating beautiful objects based on the concept of upcycling (or repurposing, as some would call it). His latest work is a lamp, dubbed Lux3 Wellness Lamp, that’s supposedly beneficial to human’s wellness. Apparently, the lamp, which is handcrafted in Italy with layers of Okumè wood panels and presented in a perfect 8” cube with 45o bevelled corners, can infused water with quality of the chosen color or colors which you can ingest by drinking it. The cube is not a solid block as you might have imagined; it has a hole and on the walls of this hole, is a waterproof RGB LED hidden in specially formed channel.

Lux3 Wellness Lamp by Gerardo Abriola

The hole is big enough for a small glass drinkware to be placed inside, which supposedly, will absorb the “beneficial properties of color,” thus allowing you to drink color light(s). According Abriola, mankind “have known of the beneficial properties of color, and of water exposed to sunlight in colored bottles, for sometime,” and the motive behind Lux3 wellness lamp is to give “everyone the possibility of improving their well-being by drinking water exposed to color vibration.” To be honest, we have no idea if this is true. I’d say believing this is pretty much the same as having faith in some ancient remedy which somehow has very vague basis and yet, seem to have some real benefits to our body. Whether is it a placebo effect or not, we shall leave it to you to judge.

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Lux3 Wellness Lamp by Gerardo Abriola

Regardless, that does not detract from the fact that we all agree that Lux3 is a beautifully designed and crafted table top lamp. So, whether exposing water to color light is beneficial or not, it won’t make this lamp any less attractive. It is attractive in its own right as a lamp and it should make a nice addition as a mood light for any contemporary homes. I guess if you have one, it won’t harm to give the color light infused water a go, eh?

Abriola has taken to Kickstarter to raise fund to get Lux3 to production, but the response is anything but lukewarm. So if you believe in Abriola and his creation, you may want to show your support by backing the campaign. Though we have to warn you is not cheap (it is handcrafted with love, after all). Each unit will set you back at 189-249 euros (about US$200-278), depending on how soon it back it. Continue reading for the product pitch video.

Lux3 Wellness Lamp by Gerardo Abriola

Lux3 Wellness Lamp by Gerardo Abriola

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