You know what? I am tempted to create a new tag called “Do Not Try This At Home” after seeing a video of what flat-earther “Mad” Mike Hughes did on Sunday because, what he did was definitely something one shouldn’t do at home. So, what did “Mad” Mike did? Well, nothing much. He just strapped himself to the tip of a homemade, steam-powered rocket and left the safety of the solid ground just so he could prove that Earth is indeed flat. He did made the journey and that in itself was a bravery that is pretty much unnecessary.

While Mike did make it into the sky, he did not, however, achieve enough altitude to have a good look at our lovely little blue marble to conclude if it is flat, round or any other shape. Originally, Mike’s death wish is supposed to take him to a distance of 1,875, but as you can see in the video, he was far from it. But the good thing was, he did make safely back onto the flat ground though, thanks to the a parachute system. What he did was no doubt madness, but I guess it was in the name of science – flat earth science, that is. Oh, wait. He didn’t quite believe in science? Hmmm.

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Anyways, Mike’s daredevil science project may have failed, but we will give it to him for having the balls of steel to even have the guts to be on the tip of a homemade rocket. I repeat, homemade rocket. And he actually lived to tell the tale. That’s one story that his grandchildren (or his cats) will probably not get sick of hearing. Hey, grand pop is a rocketeer!

Image: YouTube.

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