I know right? Modern city is noisy and while most folks chose to put up with the noises, you really don’t have to. The solution is simple and obvious: earplugs. Speaking of earplugs, we are pretty much spoilt for choice, but the fact that no two person’s ears are the same makes for some rather uncomfortable wearing. This is a problem EarJellies aims to solve. No, EarJellies are not morbid, novelty candies in the shape of human ears. They are earplugs. Billed as the world’s first and only earplugs made of patented MemorySil Viscoelastic Silicone, it promised to deliver effective noise reduction with ultra low pressure for maximum comfort.

EarJellies MemorySil Viscoelastic Silicone Earplugs

MemorySil is said to be 17 times softer than conventional foam ear plugs. It won’t cause irritation and because it conforms to individual’s unique ear shape, it won’t tend to fall out like foam earplugs. Plus, it is totally cleanable and therefore reusable, so you don’t have to keep buying new earplugs. The maker of EarJellies said a pair could last for several months, if not years. Furthermore, because it does not stick out like some earplugs, it makes for a great choice for side sleepers who wants to sleep with the earplugs on. And it certainly won’t try to go any further than it should.

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EarJellies MemorySil Viscoelastic Silicone Earplugs

Being silicone also means it is waterproof. That, plus its reliable seal, makes it perfect for cutting out water when swimming, surfing, or just about any water sport, too. Sounds like an awesome personal gear to prevent “swimmer’s ear.” Its readiness to conform to irregular shape snugly, EarJellies are good for kids too. Finally, EarJellies dispense with the “one-size-fits-all” approach; instead, it comes in multiple sizes, so you can find one closest to your sound holes size to ensure a custom-like fit. Personally, I hardly feel the need to plug my ears, except for when I am handling a jackhammer, or drilling, but it looks like a ton of people are enamored by what it has to offer.

EarJellies is on Kickstarter where it has attracted more than a thousand backers who contributed over $40K in funding, making it a reality. If you desire, you can pick up a pair as a pre-order, destined for September 2018 delivery. A pair of cost you $20.

EarJellies MemorySil Viscoelastic Silicone Earplugs

EarJellies MemorySil Viscoelastic Silicone Earplugs

All images courtesy of EarJellies.

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