Made By Google Tweeted Pixel 4 Image

It is still months away from the revealing of the much anticipated (or not) fourth-generation Google Pixel phone, but already, the Internet is jam packed with speculations, rumors and leaks that led to a supposedly accurate render of what Google Pixel 4 will look like. Well, as it turns out, the last Google Pixel 4 render we posted wasn’t as accurate.

The latest in the rumor mill, or should I say, leak mill, is that it will share a common feature with the upcoming iPhone and that is the eye-jabbing, massive square camera bump that’s home to a multi-camera setup. When the rumor (or leak?) broke, I was secretly hoping that isn’t true, but alas, it is true. Made by Google teases an image of the Pixel 4 via Twitter, confirming the square camera bump which, as rumored, is located to the side.

The design is, well, lets just say that it isn’t the best of design choices. I remember reading somewhere about a design philosophy that emphasized the importance symmetry. Upon seeing the effect of an attention-grabbing, large square bump to side, I realize that philosophy on symmetry might be true after all. Apple and Google won’t be the first to sport a large square camera bump, though.

Huawei Mate 20 was the first to pull that design “stunt,” but for some reasons, the Mate 20 turns out to look pretty decent. Perhaps, it is the symmetrical design at play because, Huawei Mate 20’s square was centered to the horizontal plane. Anywho, the tweet was accompanied by a statement that says “well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go!” (Referring to the image) and it further added, “wait ‘till you see what it can do.”

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I am taking that Made by Google knows the design may not be for everyone and hence, threw in the last statement as saying “don’t worry about the design, we have other stuff you may be interested in.” Well, I certainly have no doubt about what a Pixel 4 can do, especially with the rumored Project Soli chip for hand gestures operation, but in all honestly, I can’t bear to look at the rear of the phone.

Seriously, what’s up with the design sense of big tech companies these days? First it was the ugly notch and then the arrival of the annoying camera bump. And have seen the giant cheese grater already? Sigh… is design apocalypse upon us already?

Image: Made by Google.