when it comes to transportation, our favorite topic has to be conquering the last mile. who doesn’t? why? because sometimes the nearest parking in dense city like NYC can be a mile away and nobody would want to sweat it out hiking to the office. no, no. there are several options here. you can pedal your way to your destination with a foldable bike, or ride an electric bike, or you could get the Marbel Electric Skateboard to transport you there without breaking a sweat. though it can’t be helped if the sun is a killer at the peak of the summer. anyway, that’s besides the point. the point is, this Kickstarter project aims to get you to drop handsome amount in exchange for a longboard that has over 2,000W of power to its name, allowing you to breeze through the last leg of your travel at up to 20 mph – even when going uphill, which it can tackle up to 15% grade incline comfortably. understanding that 20 mph can be quite intimidating to some, Marbel has designed a companion app that allows you to set the top speed and acceleration level that are most comfortable to you.

Marbel Electric Skateboard

control is executed via a wireless remote, but you can also choose to use your smartphone to do the bidding. however, we would advise to go with the wireless remote or at least have it with you for those just-in-case situations. if you know what we mean… anyways, the Marbel Electric Skateboard also stakes the claim as the world’s lightest electric skateboard, weighing at 9.9 lbs (that’s mere 5.5 kg) – thanks in part to the carbon fiber and Kevlar deck. hidden inside the deck is a 165 Wh lithium-ion battery that offers over 10 miles of range per charge and recharges in just 90 minutes from empty. granted that 10 miles isn’t a lot to go with as a vehicle, but it should be good enough for shuttling around the city or your suburban neighborhood. like the full-fledge electric counterparts, it is also fitted with electronic regenerative braking and uses WiFi to communicate with your smartphone (or 2.4GHz radio for talking with the remote). the campaign has broke its set funding goal, and therefore, for a cool $1,199, you will be pre-ordering yourself one and expect delivery in January 2015.

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