metal coffee beans maintain your coffee at the right temp

Coffee Joulies 544x408px
(credit: Dave & Dave) Coffee Joulies | from US$40.00 |

i am enjoying a cup of coffee as i am posting this. i have an ‘issue’ (regarding coffee) that has been bugging me for a while now. that is, keeping the temperature of the coffee just right. sometimes, coffee fresh out the machine can be pretty burning, so what we do? (no we don’t put ice in them!) we let it sit there and cool off a bit. however, sometimes it get ‘over-cooled’ and the coffee turned cold – like now. damn. that’s not good. isn’t it? looks like i might have find my solution by the way of Coffee Joulies as invented by Dave and Dave. that’s not a typo, but it’s really a dude called Dave and another, also Dave.

basically, these oversized metal coffee beans are “miniature thermodynamic heat storage devices.” when popped into your pipping hot beverage, they cool the hot coffee by absorbing the excess heat. these thermal energy is then stored inside the Joulies. when the coffee reaches the optimum temperature, the Joulies will ‘return’ the heat energy to the coffee, hence keeping the coffee at the right temperature. i’m totally sold. it solves the problem that has been bugging me like forever. that said, i just took the last sip of the cold coffee. that sucks.

Coffee Joulies 544x408px
(credit: Dave & Dave)

Dave & Dave are asking for support for their invention over at Kickstarter and you get your Coffee Joulies by pledging $40 or more. $40 gets you five metal beans. small price to pay for a cup of ideal temperature coffee. no?

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Coffee Joulies 544x408px
(credit: Dave & Dave)

Kickstarter via DVICE

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