If you buy a pair of pistols, you would probably raring to have a go with them downrange, but I can assure you that you won’t want to do the same with The Big Bang Pistol Set by Cabot Guns. Why? Because this one-of-the-kind pistol set cost a mind-numbing 5 million dollars and the pair has components crafted from, wait for this… 4.5 billion year-old meteorite and mind you, this is not just any puny space rock that we are talking about; we are talking about meteorite that supposedly landed in Gibeon, Namibia during the pre-historic era. How the hell did this all-American gun company landed themselves with this rare space rock is beyond us.

Meteorite Pistols ‘The Big Bang Pistol Set’ by Cabot Guns

Anywho, in case you are wondering, no, that wasn’t the giant space rock that supposedly aid in wiping out the dinosaurs, but still, 4.5 billion year-old is way more ancient and hence, you could say it is rarer and more precious than diamonds or even gold. Obviously, this pair of firearms is destined for the vault, or in a highly secured, high-tech display meant to be admired. Surely, no one in the right mind would be firing lead off the duo, right? It’s 5-freaking-million for the love of God and no one would want to tarnish the barrel, any other components on the inside, with nasty carbon. Or would you? Keep going to steal a few more awesome look, as well as a product video.

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Meteorite Pistols ‘The Big Bang Pistol Set’ by Cabot Guns

Meteorite Pistols ‘The Big Bang Pistol Set’ by Cabot Guns

Meteorite Pistols ‘The Big Bang Pistol Set’ by Cabot Guns

Cabot Guns via Luxury Launches

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  1. For $5-Million Dollars, it better be able to Shot At Least 16-Watts of Plasma Energy…

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