What you see here is not a model of a midcentury house. Well, OK, it is, but, but… it isn’t an architecture model. It is actually a birdhouse. Yep. A house for birds. I bet some of our houses don’t even look half as good. Damn, lucky birdies! Created by furniture maker and entrepreneur, Douglas Barnhard, under the brand name Sourgrassbuilt, these miniature homes for birds drew inspiration from midcentury works by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Eichler but with a dose of skate and surf culture of Santa Cruz where Douglas is based in.

Now, that does make a lot sense, doesn’t it? Midcentury (bird)houses with a tint of local flavor. Awesome. However, these birdhouses do not come chirp, I mean, cheap. They cost anything from $129.99 with the most luxury setup, the Eichileresque Atrium, costing a cool $399.99. Yes, they are pricey, but at the same time, they are irresistibly cute.

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Images: Sourgrassbuilt.

via Curbed.

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