MINIOT Cover is a classier alternative to Smart Cover

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(credit: MINIOT) Miniot Cover for iPad 2 | US$69.00 |

among the slew of iPad 2 accessories flooding the market, the MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 is the probably the coolest yet. functioning same as the Apple’s Smart Cover, the MINIOT takes advantage of the magnetic property on the iPad 2 to perform the same task as the Smart Cover, but looks a whole lot cooler in wood. the MINIOT Cover is made out a single piece of wood and divided into individual sectioned strips, allowing it to be rolled up to prop up your iPad 2 as a landscape stand or for typing position. it also allows the iPad 2 to stand in portrait position, though i’m a little wary about the near perfect vertical portrait position which i thought would topple easily. similar to Smart Cover, opening and closing of the lid will turn the screen on and off. the use of single piece of wood offers an aesthetic advantage as it gives the cover a natural, continuous look.

the MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 retails for €50 or US$69. unfortunately, it is currently out of stock but you can head on down to MINIOT website and opt to be notified when it comes back on. check out a short intro of the MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 after the break.

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