The mention of a James Bond automobile collaboration, most people would think of an Aston Martin DB5 or perhaps a Vantage. This latest 007 automobile collaboration, however, is not an Aston Martin that the fictional MI6 spy is synonymous with. This collab traded the sophistication and horsepower for fun. It is a beach EV, an exclusive, limited edition 007 Moke.

Moke America San Monique Electric Vehicle

Created in partnership with EON Productions and inspired by 1973’s James Bond flick, Live And Let Die, the Moke “San Monique” edition shares the same white and blue Moke colors as seen in movie driven by Bond played by Roger Moore.

The car further features a unique “San Monique” artwork created for the movie and 007 branding can be found around the vehicle. It even had white rims, just like in the movie, but not in the same design which would look even more dope if it did.

Moke America San Monique Electric Vehicle

The Moke America “San Monique” Electric Vehicle is available anyone in North America, the Caribbean (obviously because, Live And Let Die), the Bahamas, and the Middle East who are willing to plonk down for US$26,975.

Meanwhile, non-fans of the world’s most famous spy, may get their hands on a regular Moke for a starting price of US$19,975.

Moke America San Monique Electric Vehicle
Moke America San Monique Electric Vehicle

Images: Moke America.

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