MultiKey Key Shaped Multi-tool

The mention of multi-tool, the image of a rectangular piece of metal with some kind of scale, saw edge and whatnot, popped into mind. But the MultiKey Key Shaped Multi-tool is not that.

MultiKey smashes the tradition of multi-tool design with, well, a key shaped design. It comes in a choice of anti-microbial brass 260, grade 5 titanium, and grade 2 titanium, and each MultiKey packs over 19 functions.

Functions ranging from the common like bottle opener, box/can opener, nail puller to lesser seen in a tool of such size, like star hex wrench, zip tie releaser and more. It has a key ring hole too, so you could use as a keychain and it is totally TSA-friendly.

It is on Kickstarter with a month left on the campaign, but Disc Brand Co. is already producing it and promised to ship them out in June 2020. And oh, did I mention that it is made in the good’ol US of A? Yep. It totally is.

You can find MultiKey Key Shaped Multi-tool on Kickstarter with prices ranging from $35-$45 a piece.

MultiKey Key Shaped Multi-tool

All images courtesy of Disc Brand Co..

Submitted via TIP US Page.