Not everyone who plays mobile game likes wearing headphones and also, staring at the phone for too long is clearly not good for eyes. So, how does those two things related? They are related by this product called Mutrics GB-30. Mutrics GB-30 is a “smart audio gaming glasses” or “smart gaming glasses” if you will.

It is essentially headphones but one that does not require covering your ears or shoving buds into them. Mutrics calls it open-ear NFSS which is basically open-ear audio which only you, the wearer, can hear.

Mutrics GB-30 Smart Audio Gaming Glasses

Since it is also an eyewear, it also offers anti-blue light features while swappable lenses lets you switch from clear optics to gradient sunglass lenses with 100 percent UV 400 protection (apparently, it can accept prescription lenses too).

Mutrics GB-30 is IP55 rated which seals it against some level of dust and water infiltration. It connects wireless, via Bluetooth 5.0, to your smartphones or BT-enabled handheld game consoles. Plus, it also allows you to make hands-free calls as well as use voice assistants like Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Mutrics GB-30 Smart Audio Gaming Glasses

Further making Mutrics GB-30 stands out is the retro design that reminiscent of the GameBoy handheld game console. The handheld game console-inspired buttons on the side are functional, allowing you to quickly change volume or take calls.

Unfortunately, as much I love the design, an eyewear with integrated bridge is no-go for my picky nose. However, if you have no issue and you are a huge mobile gamer, you may want to consider pre-ordering a unit from Kickstarter for $99-109.

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Mutrics GB-30 Smart Audio Gaming Glasses

Images: Mutrics.

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