You want to hear the truth about chairs? If you are serious about back support – not just lumbar – and neck support, you shouldn’t be looking at gaming chairs, unless it is coming from Herman Miller. But as we all know, Herman Miller isn’t cheap. Then we came across one that could be better that is significantly cheaper. Folks, meet the Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair.

Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair

In addition to the usual ergonomic design for maximum comfort, the Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair is a gaming-changing throne that features an auto-following backrest and an auto-following and adjusting headrest that conforms to you, and not the other way around.

“The key to our system’s effectiveness lies in its ability to support your entire back, regardless of the position you’re in. Whether you’re sitting upright or leaning forward, our adaptive technology seamlessly adjusts to provide optimal support precisely where you need it. Our upgraded design supports your entire back in any position, reducing stress on your spine by 20%-50%.”

And here’s how the auto-follow and adjustable headrest works:

“Designed to prioritize your comfort and well-being, this innovative feature provides exceptional support for your neck and head. Our auto-adjusting headrest seamlessly adapts to the contours of your neck, providing optimal support in any position. Whether you’re leaning forward or reclining, the headrest adjusts to your movements, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic experience throughout the day.”

Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair

Many chairs let you lean back to rest or relax but Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair up the lean back and rest game with a foldable footrest. This eliminates the dangling legs issue when leaning back. And while most chairs are just, well, chairs, the Newtral MagicH is a working/gaming station itself – thanks to the detachable laptop table that you do everything in the comfort of the chair.

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Other notables include a breathable mesh back for maximum ventilation, 4D extended armrests, seat depth adjustable, sponge cushion, and adjustable height.

Usually, a chair with so many promises would cost an arm or a leg (or both!), but the Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair is light on your wallet – especially if you secure a unit during its Kickstarter campaign.

The Super Early Bird price is just US$229 but be warned. There are only 80 units available at this crazy price. For those who don’t know. Newtral is a brand by a veteran chair maker from China (Microtouch) who have been actively designing and selling chairs for 30 years now. And this is not its first crowdfunding rodeo either. It ran one successful campaign on Indiegogo in 2021.

Newtral MagicH Home Office Chair

Images: Newtral.

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