While the rest of the world is clamouring over the mini NES Classic, home market’s Nintendo fans won’t be left out in the cold as the game console maker has announced another mini based on the original NES introduced in Japan in 1983. As with the NES Classic Edition, this one is palm-size too and it is totally compatible with modern HDMI-equipped flatscreen TVs. The original NES mini me comes with a pair of classic wired controllers (which is one more over the NES Classic Edition) that conveniently docks on the sides when not in use.

Nintendo NES Classic Famicon Mini for Japan

Strangely, the mini retro game console is hardly complete. It has the game console, the controllers, and even 30 preloaded game titles, but it lacks of an AC adapter that requires to get it up and running. It is a bizarre practice which we will never wrap our heads around. Anywho, as for the games, Japanese residents can expect iconic hits like Donkey Kong, Pac-Mac, Galaga, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy III, and Super Mario USA – just to name a few.

Nintendo NES Classic Famicon Mini for Japan

Obviously, this unit is geared towards fans in Japan, however, it is not to say you can’t import it. You can, but you do have understand both written and spoken Japanese language since everything will be in Japan’s national language. Price-wise, it is an affordable 5,980 Yen, which works out to be around a modest $59. That’s, of course, excluding the required AC adapter which cost another 1,000 Yen (or about US$$9.90) and also the freight fee to import it into wherever you are outside of Japan.

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Images: Nintendo Japan/screengrab via YouTube video.

Nintendo [JP] via Engadget

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