Nixie Tube Watch with VFD Technology

Ukraine-based Handcrafted Workshop’s second creation of futuristic watches following Nixoid, the ‘Cyber’ not only looked decidedly beyond this era, but it has an inner working and tech that are as futuristic.

Nixie Tube Watch with VFD Technology

Cyber uses a display tech powered by VFD (that’s vacuum fluorescent display) technology – the same display tech used by the military, nuclear industry, and even in space shuttles. OK. Maybe just Russian space shuttles and also in the 60s.

The longish display uses VFD indicator tubes, pulled from old military supplies, to produce vibrant display. It is the world’s first, alright. If Handcrafted Workshop’s Cyber VFD watch isn’t cyberpunk enough. I don’t know what is.

Nixie Tube Watch with VFD Technology

Along with Cyber, the Handcrafted Workshop has also introduced a new Nixie tube watch, called ‘Space’. Space Watch also features VFD technology, along with two IV-6 tubes to display time and 2 IV-15 tubes for seconds and AM/PM indicator.

It further features a CNC-milled aerospace-grade aluminum alloy case and sapphire glass. Like the first, Space is equally a head turner.

You can find both Cyber VFD Watch and Space Watch VFD on Kickstarter, going at a starting price of US$230 and US$269. Go check it out.

All images courtesy of Handcrafted Workshop.

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