Cats are, by nature, curious and adores hunting. Taking these key primal instincts of your feline friend, Philadelphia-based Feed Co. developed an entirely new feeding system that would allow your cat to do both. Meet NoBowl, a system that’s designed to trigger cat’s natural hunting nature as part of the process of feeding. Instead of serving cat food in a bowl, NoBowl combines a soft toy that resembles a rat with dispensing holes. The idea is to place a few of these, filled with the appropriate portion of kibble (as advised by the veterinarian), around your humble abode. So when your little kitty wants food, he or she will go around hunting for the ‘rats’, play with it like he/she naturally would until the kibble spills out.

NoBowl Feeding System For Cats
Hiding NoBowl allows your feline to exercise its hunting instinct

Kitty will proceed to consume the food and continue on with his or her natural hunting cycle. The natural hunting cycle of hunting, playing with prey, eating, grooming and sleeping is what NoBowl aims to bring out in your cat. In this way, it allows your beloved feline friend to stay active and healthy as it should and not ending up like Garfield. We though it is also a good way to ensure kitty won’t head out into the ‘wild’, so to speak, to hunt for real wildlife food like pigeons and stuff. The faux rat itself is design to stimulate your cat’s natural use of its claws and teeth to satisfy its need to grip and play with its food, Feed Co. said. And it is also designed to roll to taunt the cat and it is, of course, durable enough to stand up to the wrath unleashed by your pet cat.

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NoBowl Feeding System For Cats
Cat will natural play with its prey, before devouring it

The dispensing holes (aka Naked NoBowl) and the faux rat can be separated to be washed in a dishwasher and washing machine, respectively. A hole in the Naked NoBowl (or “bum hole”) is in placed, allowing for drainage after washing. We have seen quite a few feeding system for cats, which mostly leverage on technology, but NoBowl is different. It dispense with tech and go with the nature, which on theory, sounds like the ideal method.

If you like to have a go with NoBowl Feeding System For Cats, you can pre-order it by backing its Kickstarter campaign for $40. Delivery is slated to happen in August 2016. The campaign has already met its funding go and so, yes, it is a pre-order.

NoBowl Feeding System For Cats
In the process of playing with the faux rat, the dry food will spill out for kitty’s taking

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