This is The Jumpacan, a custom off-road race car destined for The Mint 400, an epic four-hundred mile off-road race that has been dubbed the “The Greatest Off-Road Race in America.”

Offroad Lamborghini Huracan by B is for Build

A through and through custom creation by B is for Build, The Jumpacan started its life as a Lamborghini Huracan. While it may appear that B is for Build has beat the Raging Bull marque in creating an off-road Huracan, to call The Jumpacan as a custom Huracan would be wrong. So very wrong.

It has no soul of Huracan in any form shape or form. Not even the celebrated, ferocious power plant is there anymore. In place of the 5.2L naturally-aspirated V10 is a LS V8 packing 600 ponies – paired to a manual gearbox. Though it is still mid-mounted.

Offroad Lamborghini Huracan by B is for Build

The part of a Huracan it has left is the passenger cell. That is it. Purists may be furious that someone is referencing it to a godly Huracan. But to us, The Jumpacan is all pure awesomeness in itself.

Some key highlights of this drool-worthy off-road supercar includes a new tubular frame with unique chassis bracing, bespoke off-road suspension system, large 35 and 37 inches tires (front and rear), and brakes sourced from a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Offroad Lamborghini Huracan by B is for Build

You can learn more about this crazy cool custom off-road supercar in the video embedded below. Also, be sure to hit up B is for Build’s YouTube channel for more videos of The Jumpacan.

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Images: Facebook (@bisforbuild).

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